The following are some of the major Thai Cookery Schools in Thailand. If you would like to see your school listed, then please contact us:

A Lot of Thai ***
Air's Thai Culinary Kitchen **
Gap's Thai Culinary Art **
My Mom's Kitchen **
Thai Cookery School **
Thai Farm Cooking School **
A Lot of Thai *
Baan Thai *
Chiang Mai Kitchen *
The Chili Club *
Green Mango *
Khao Hom *
Noi's Kitchen *
Smart Cook *
Thai Chocolate *
Thai Kitchen *



Thai Farm Cooking School
Thai Farm Cooking School Office at 2/2 Ratchadamnoen Rd., Soi 5, Chiangmai.
Tel. 01 288 59 89 or 07 174 92 85

We haven't visited this school yet. The information and pictures are from their website. It seems a good school. A bonus is that it is set on an organic farm. You not only get to visit a market, but they take you around the farm to pick your own produce too! They also have a herb garden. Seems a nice setting.

Owners: Sawat is the owner and cook. There are two other cooks
Location and setting:
on a farm
Day course:
9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. - 900 baht
Menus: two courses
Size of class: 1-10 people (large groups welcome)
Free gifts: colour cookbook with colour pictures of ingredients from their farm
Market: each course involves visit to market


Extra information sent to us by the school:

Group size is 1-10 persons. On request, like for special groups, we can do larger groups. We have two kitchens, both kitchens have 12 cooking stations. Sawat is one of the cooks, in total we have three cooks. After the cookery course people get our full colour recipe book with pictures from the ingredients taken in our farm.

We pick the guests up from their accomodation between 9:00 to 9:30. First stop is at the local market, RUAMCHOOK market. This is a very large and clean market. The teacher will give explanation about ingredients. After that we will go straight to the farm. It is situated close to the mountains. Our customers are always happy with the views and are happy to be away from the busy city for a day. The teacher will bring them to see the farm, give explanation about herbs and vegetables which we all grow organically. Then  we start making the curry paste and cook morethan five dishes. We have two different menus: Course A and Course B. The full menu is on our website. For lunch people can sit on the terrace overlooking the fishpond.  Back in the city at about 5:00 pm. Everything is included in the price: transportation, recipebook, ingredients, drinking water and herbal tea and of course all the food that they have cooked.



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